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Not everybody has the talent to turn magic into an art form. UK's premier magician & hypnotist Magic Amit, better known as Amit Badiani, has been performing magic for private and corporate events in London, Leicester and the world beyond for the last decade, since being inspired in his childhood by the legendary magician, Paul Daniels.

Amit's magic tricks and hypnosis skills are the highlight of any social or corporate event. The secret for a truly successful and memorable magic performance is to combine flawless magic with a tad of comedy and charisma and Amit delivers capably on all fronts.

He has established a solid reputation for himself as an awe inspiring magician who never disappoints, and who not only rises to the expectations of his audience, but exceeds them. Everybody loves a good magic show and people of all ages and background will be intrigued and mesmerized when Amit takes over the stage!

“We knew we wanted a magician who could do some mobile phone magic but Amit’s imagination, dedication and effortless skill meant we got much more than we could have hoped for.” john smith

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A Magician Beyond Compare


Reinventing Himself

Amit realises how important it is to reinvent himself continuously, which is why he is committed to improving and diversifying his magic skills on a constant basis, and this is precisely why he is always one step ahead of other magicians in the UK.


Skilled & Talented

Viewing Amit’s show reel or witnessing his skills live are the only way to do justice to how phenomenally talented Amit is. Amit’s amazing magic and hypnosis skills will delight, intrigue and amaze your guests and be the focal point of your event.

An Impeccable


Amit is a true professional in every sense of the word. He will consult with you on the theme and format of your event, provide advice on how his services can best complement the proceedings and work efficiently and seamlessly with other service providers on the day of your event.

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For Private & Corporate Events

If you’re looking to add a sense of mystique and uniqueness to your event, look no further than the amazing talents of Magic Amit. Magic Amit is available for hire for

  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches
  • English & Asian Weddings
  • Private Parties
  • Restaurant Entertainment