Magic Events


From The Start

Are you organising a corporate function, conference, product launch or Christmas party and need entertainment that will ring the changes? Magic Amit can perform for up to three hours at your corporate event, delighting your guests and clients with his inimitable range of magic tricks and hypnosis. He can adapt his repertoire and format so that it perfectly aligns with your event theme, format and logistics.

Magic Amit’s skills will not only amaze, intrigue and delight your guests, his magic will become a catalyst for conversation that will enhance your event making it all the more enjoyable, distinctive and memorable.

The high spirits and sense of anticipation that Magic Amit creates is like no other magician

If you want to reinforce your corporate branding at your event, Amit can work this into his repertoire of tricks and (with prior planning) materialise giveaway items that carry your brand identity. He can also incorporate your message, product or service into his line-up and help you launch a new product or service in a unique way, to make your event unforgettable!

"Amit was engaging, friendly and very entertaining. He definitely won over our clients and staff who were left open mouthed in amazement. A memorable addition to our launch function - I would definitely recommend Amit and if the need arose, would hire him again."

Working withthe Finest Magical Partners

Are you looking for a magician in London? Magic Amit is one of the top performers in the UK and member of the prestigious Magic Circle. Magicians are not only fantastic entertain.