Amaze & Astound

Your Wedding Guests

Magic Amit has many years’ experience performing magic at weddings and his friendly personable style makes him the ideal choice to add that wow factor to your special day.

Amit will entertain, intrigue and amaze your wedding guests with the kind of close-up magic and hypnosis you’d usually only see on TV – but right in front of your guests eyes, with no behind the scenes tricks involved!

Wonder & awe

Throughout Your Wedding

Whether you want magic during the wedding photos, reception drinks or between courses at the wedding reception, Amit will ensure your guests stay engaged and most importantly are connecting with each other and having fun.

With the average wedding starting around midday and ending at midnight, it is important to ensure your guests stay entertained throughout the day. Hiring a wedding magician is a great way of filling the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day.

Amit will stay for as long as you request him to and perform at various points throughout the day to not only ensure everyone gets to see him but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.